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The Creative Network

The Creative Network is an exclusive network of health & wellness creators and brands. We are building the largest army of health & wellness creators (soldiers) and brands (weapons).



2-week free trial included

A team to support your team. Reduce CAC and increase LTV leveraging ambassadors.

  • Checkmark Everything in 'Membership'
  • Checkmark Find, qualify, and connect you to creators
  • Checkmark Creator training & support
  • Checkmark Manage creator deliverables
  • Checkmark Group slack with your creators
  • Checkmark Additional resources
  • Checkmark Upspace partner promotion

Full Partnership


2-week free trial included

Full strategy and assistance. This is for larger, more established brands.

  • Checkmark Bi-weekly strategy calls
  • Checkmark Low cost-high conversion campaigns
  • Checkmark Creator, partner, & investor introductions
  • Checkmark Flexible support and custom campaigns.
  • Checkmark Additional resources

What is the Membership?

🔍 Our network becomes your network. We introduce you to any creator you want to work with. We strategize campaigns with you and then proactively find and recommend creators that meet your need. And much more: 

  1. Your own personalized dashboard to find recommended creators and resources, list and manage your campaigns, discover creators in the marketplace, and more.
  2. We have monthly strategy calls with you and the Upspace team to discuss ways we can help and whom we can introduce you to.
  3. You can send products to recommended creators. Addresses are included in the marketplace.
  4. Find creators in The Creative Network Marketplace
  5. Create campaigns for creators to find and apply to.
  6. Group slack with creators and other brand leaders
  7. Monthly social media collaboration with Upspace
  8. *New* Enrollment into monthly founder/brand leader facilitator-led cohort call to connect with other brands. 

This is the ultimate creator and brand network.

What is the Ambassadorship?

 📈 We help build, scale, manage, and add to new and existing ambassador programs to get the products into the hands of our creators while also teaching them strategies to go above and beyond to drive more sales as ambassadors for you.

  1. Find, qualify, and connect creators that fit the brand's needs
  2. Send your product to get it into the hands of desired creators
  3. Train creators to become strong ambassadors
  4. Manage creator deliverables of the ambassador program to optimize the results
  5. Monthly calls with our team
  6. Group slack with us and the creators of the campaign

Get more info sent to your email.

  1. Notion dashboard to manage campaigns, notes, OKRs, and results.
  2. Additional resources, tools, and support

What is the Full Partnership?

Take your brand to the next level. We provide ideas, strategies, and introductions to help your brand with marketing and social media growth.

  1. Discuss, brainstorm, and help implement a strategy to increase revenue and decreases CPA using an ROI-driven approach.
  2. Strategize ways to implement low-cost - high conversion and reach campaigns by leveraging social media platforms, ambassador programs, and strategic partnerships.
  3. Introduce you to all people we think would bring value - creators & athletes, strategic partners, investors, etc.
  4. Bi-weekly calls with our team

Get more info sent to your email.

  1. Group slack to share opportunities and quickly communicate
  2. Notion dashboard to manage campaigns, notes, OKRs, and results.
  3. Additional resources, tools, and support 

Can I change my plan later?

Yes of course! We recommend starting with The Creative Network Membership.

How do I manage my deals?

You can create and manage campaigns directly in your personalized dashboard. 

Where can I find creators?

We will send creators directly to your email and in the slack group. 

You can also view creators directly in your dashboard under the "Marketplace" section.


Where can I learn more?

Learn more here. We will send you an email with an overview and the option to schedule a call with a team member. 


Check out the marketplace of creators and brands before you commit.

By joining The Creative Network, you will be able to list your own campaigns for creators to find, get direct introductions to creators, get recommended creators from The Creative Network team based on your needs, and more. You will be able to manage this all in your own personalized dashboard link. 

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